GOLD Aptitude Award


The course is a 6 week course.

The gold class is for dogs that have already passed the silver award. The class will include the following.

  • Off Lead Controlled greeting: Handler to demonstrate control when being greeted.
  • Off lead: Rejoin handlers side: Handler is walking with dog at heel work position,then to give sit wait command, handler only to continue walking.
  • Watching: Handler to demonstrate a 15 and 20 second watch.
  • Off lead: Walking under control: Demonstrate left, right and about turns in and around people and dogs.
  • Off lead: Distraction recall: Dog to be recalled through other dogs playing.
  • Off lead: Food manners with recall: Dog to be recalled through 2 bowls of tasty titbit's without lunging for it.
  • Off lead: Immediate down at distance: Handler to be able to down dog while 10 paces away.
  • Off lead: Sit stay: A 1 minute sit with handler out of sight for 30 seconds.
  • Control on roads: Handler to cross the road with dog under control in an outside environment.
  • Off lead: Down stay: A 4 minute down with handler out of sight for 2 minutes.
  • Send dog to bed: Get dog to go to bed and lie down.
  • Retrieve a dumbbell: Dog to fetch dumbbell when commanded, return to handler and finish on command.

You will receive a training booklet to take home to help you keep up the learning and progress between classes.

Those who pass the gold aptitude award will receive a gold rosette and a certificate. Then you will be able to progress to the platinum award.

Black Dog Walking Alongside Owner


Northfield Focus Point,
Vale Road,
Mansfield Woodhouse,
NG19 8DR.


Brinsley Parish Hall,
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