The puppy foundation course is a 6 week course.

Training is based on a series of progressive exercises which will help teach your puppy how to learn, and builds positive habits in the puppy and handler.  This is the start of your fun journey together.  The course gets the dog used to being handled and groomed, making visits to the vets and groomers easier.

All training is based in groups and therefore helps to socialise your dog with other people and dogs in different situations.

We will teach you to use solid recall - a dog's life may depend it, so it’s important to learn that one early.

We will also teach you how to play with your puppy, this will help you to build a solid relationship between you and your dog.  It is a great confidence builder in dogs that are perhaps a little shy or unsure.

We will also teach the watch exercises which teaches the dog its name and focuses the dog's attention on to the handler.

Some basic positions will be taught - sit and down.  We also start some loose lead heelwork.

You will receive a training booklet to take home to help you keep up the learning and progress between classes.

An attendance certificate and rosette will be presented to those completing the puppy course.

The puppy course leads on to the bronze levels.

Puppy On A lead


Northfield Focus Point,
Vale Road,
Mansfield Woodhouse,
NG19 8DR.


Brinsley Parish Hall,
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